Canna Terra Professional - 50 litre

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CANNA TERRA Professional - 50ltr Bag

CANNA TERRA is a substrate which is specially developed for growing plants in peat based potting mixes.

Can be used for cultivating plants both indoor & outdoors out performs most outdoor potting mediums as
re-wetts quiet easerly compared potting mixings that use composted barks.

CANNA TERRA Professional potting mix is unlike anything you will find in a garden centre.

Contains a blend of upgraded organic  black peat, granulated peat moss and perlite.


Advantages - of CANNA TERRA:

  Easy to use, even for the inexperienced gardener

  Nutrients are absorbed quickly

  Better growth and flowering

  Organic product that has a homogeneous structure, and is 100% natural 
  If allowed to dry out, re-wetts in a short time

  Free from damaging viruses and potting mix diseases