Foliage Focus 1 litre

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GT Foliage Focus - 1 litre

Foliage Focus brings the home gardening enthusiast an unsurpassed level of professional quality and expertise usually reserved for professional growers. 

Developed using Growth Technology’s (GT) revolutionary Single Part Technology (SPT) and manufactured from the highest quality raw materials,
GT Foliage Focus delivers a complete profile of all 12 essential minerals to plants. 

Advantages - GT Foliage Focus:

»  Contains 12 essential minerals – including Calcium – blended into aneasily absorbed liquid concentrate.

»  Increased root development and strength.

»  Bigger, brighter flowers and prize winning blooms.

»  Organic product that has an homogeneous structure, and is 100% natural. 
»  Formulated and balanced to suit the requirements of specific plant types.


How often should i use it?

Focus nutrients should be fed to plants at least once a week during active periods of growth. 

Can be used more than once a week - use 5-10ml per litre with each watering,
never exceed 10ml per litre as adverse effects i.e., root and leaf burn.


Can be used on seedlings - use a weak solution of 5ml per litre is (not to be exceeded in the first few weeks of growth).
Progressively increase the solution when signs of active growth occur.

Foliage Spraying

Foliage Focus can be used as Foliage spray for a quick nutritional boost - Do not exceed 5ml per litre.