56ltr Rhizo Pot

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56ltr Rhizo Pot 

Size: 56ltrs - 14 gallons  (43 x 43 x 38cm high)   Has handles

 (media in Photo not Included)

Why use a Rhizo Pot?

Standard Pots

Roots go generally head towards the edge / side of pot until they hit a barrier then they change direction

 and start circling around the edge /side of your Pot.

This is known as root circling or pot bound which limits root growth

Worst still other roots head in the same direction competing for water, nutrient & oxygen

Which severely limits / reduces your overall plant growth & lowers water and nutrient absorption.


Rhizo Pots are - a breathable fabric Pot

When the roots reach the side / edge of the pot of the breathable fabric layer the become ‘air pruned’

Root tip dries and forward growth stops stimulating the growth of the secondary roots

This fabric is porous allowing extra air into the root zone creating a better environment & drainage root system

Your plant can produce a bigger, healthier, more efficient root network, thus preventing being pot bound.

Fibre which manages the temperature of your plants and encourages the even evaporation of water.

 Less expensive compared to rocket style pots & alike systems folds flat easier to store

 Made from recycled eco-friendly biodegradable materials and reusable for added value.

Can be used in all types of medias

Rhizo Pots come in a wide range of sizes Reinforced straps for easy lifting and moving of plants.