HY-GEN Omegazyme 1ltr

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Omegazyme is a blend of natural sea kelps selected specifically for their root and shoot promoting properties Organic compounds are known to enhance and accelerate root repair and root system development.

They are also known to actively promote vegetative growth and stimulate early flower production.


  • Promote Root Growth & Repair
  • Seed & Cutting Soak
  • Help Against Transplant Shock
  • Promote Growth & Stimulate Flowering
  • Naturally Chelated Trace Elements
  • Organic Minerals
  • Improves Plant Health



OMEGAZYME can be used for seedlings and during the growth stage through to the early flowering. OMEGAZYME is suitable for all ‘run to waste’ and ‘re-circulating’ systems. Regularly flush your system to prevent nutrient and plant waste build up.

Use for: •Soil •Foliar •Seedlings •Growth •Early Flowering