GoGro - 15ltr Pot Module

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GoGro - 15ltr Pot Module

The GoGro Module is a highly effective new gravity fed system, a valve, that does not require electricity to work.

Minimal up keep to provide maximum yield and versatility. Simple and incredibly effective!

How Does the GoGro Valve Work?


  • 15 or 25ltr Pots
  • Also Fits Rhizo Pots or Airpots
  • Produces amazing results, particularly with Hy-gen Coirlite
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • No electricity / pumps are required or no timers required!
  • Simple to use and set up with full instructions
  • Suitable for all Greenhouses, indoor gardening simple hydroponic system
  • Keeps your plants watered automatically
  • GoGro can be used as a single unit or extended for multiple systems from the same nutrient tank.