CLAY BALLS / LECA 8-16mm 50ltr Bag

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Clay Balls - 50ltr Bag 8 - 16mm

Expanded Clay Balls also known as “Leca” these  balls are made with only the highest quality clay,
producing a growing media that is uniform, stable and low in inherent EC, meaning you get the best outcome
from your plants.These clay balls are the next generation in the media you have come to know and love.

         Superior water-storing properties

         Coarse-pored and aerated expanded clay

      ✔   Stable in structure and non-compacting

         Can be mixed with other growing mediums

         Can be used with all current hydroponic systems

      ✔   Absolutely odourless and plant friendly

         Lighter than gravel or similar materials

         Does not rot

If you want to grow the biggest and the best, then you gotta have balls! special kiln-fired clay pebble