Eazy Pyramid

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Product Details -
Pyramid Size: 25x25x15cm

Designed to accept an Eazy Block making development from cutting or seed to healthy plant a breeze. 

Eazy Pyramid - characteristics

  • Eazy plug Pyramid is bonded firmly so plastic wrapping is not required
  • Roots to stop growing when they meet the air outside of the block
  • New root branches are formed inside the block increasing root hairs denser rooting system.
  • Eazy Block has an unlimited shelf live
  • There is no risk of moulds and shelf live is unlimited
  • Eazy Block is designed to absorb water very easily
  • Water absorbtion - astonishing quickly, whilst preserving all of its original characteristics

Compatibility : all known growing media, like Grodan - Rock Wool, coir pith, black and white peat, garden soil, potting soil,
soil-less.mixes, bark fines and wood mulch,sand and grit,wood fibres, perlite,pumice, clay and vermiculite.   

Re-moistening time when completely dehydrated pouring from above < 15 seconds provides superior