Digi-Lumen 600 W e-Ballast

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Digi-Lumen 600 W e-Ballast

Latest Generation of Digital Ballast's


»  Power setting 250, 400, 600, 660w

»  Complete Ballast for Seed & Clone, Veg & Flower

»  Less Power Usage

»  Operate both MH and HPS 600W Single Ended lamps.

»  20% more lumen than Core & Coil Ballasts


Digi-Lumen 4D dimmable ballasts are the latest generation of digital ballasts.
Clever engineering makes for cost effective and electrically stable ballasts that are suitable for harsh
conditions and high voltage power grids.
Digi-Lumen ballasts come with the ability to change the power output to four unique settings.
This offers a complete plant lighting solution from one light kit including seed & clone mode (250W),
vegetative & power save mode (400W), flower mode (600W)
Super- Lumens mode for extreme flowering on cooler days (660W).
Simply dim the ballast if temperatures get to high and turn it back up when they cool.
Digi-Lumen ballasts will operate both MH and HPS 600W Single Ended lamps.