2nd Skin Gloves

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Goatskin Gloves - 2nd Skin Gloves

For Larger Hands Great for Men Machine Washable.

Size: 30cm x 15cm Adjustable. Fits most hands.

Comfortable stretch gloves with great grip, adjustable wrist strap and reinforced stress points. A garden glove for Larger Hands Great for Men

New men’s Sprout's range of outdoor garden 2nd skin, If don’t mind the odd blister or splinter don’t bother reading anymore! When splitting timber isn’t it better not to worrying about whether the next piece timber has a inchman ant or wasp on it. These gloves are perfect for even the toughest jobs. Being genuine goatskin, gives a firm & comfortable grip.

On the back of glove a product called Lycra, they'll accommodate any fingers, while adding a bit of colour to your work gear.

Absolutely fantastically tough, little beauties’ Even tho you might be a bloke these gloves will transform the way you think when it comes to wearing gloves! As these are as the name goes 2nd Skin

Goatskin Glove Features:

  • Created from genuine goatskin and colourful Polyester/Lycra blend 
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Reinforced stress points
  • Gloves stretch for comfort
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Various different colours

Colours available: